Tears and Salt

2017 Favorites

Fingers stutter and crash against the water
Her salty tears make up this sea
In this savage, icy blue ocean
Her rippling, disjointed reflection all she can see
A constant struggle against the current
Reaching for a mirage, a faraway shore
Each gasping breath a louder warning
Yet tied deep down to the ocean floor
Dark waters swirl around a withered shipwreck
That anchors her to the middle of the sea
Stubborn heart fastened to this flimsy remnant
The aching remainder of what they used to be.
The desperate battle to stay afloat
Each painful tug tightening the cord dredged deep
Crumbling whispers beckon her under
The glittering promise of their earlier familiarity
Wistfulness and haunting, sunny laughter
Are what make up the vision’s pull
But time and distance weather the thickest friendship
Unfamiliarity erases all that was beautiful
She could yank hard enough, make it to the sand
But leave bobbing on the waves, a clinging part
And though relieved of the constant struggle, the desperate panic
There’ll be a gaping hole in her heart.

Losing touch with your friends, especially close ones, is a painful experience. It’s hard to let go completely. Awkwardness slowly replaces familiarity, and everything changes forever. But the achingly beautiful memories stay with you, making you want to cry, clinging to your dead friendship, wondering what went so wrong.

– Meghana

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